About Poornasree Catering

A modern-day legend in culinary skills and a pioneer in introducing the catering services concept in Kerala, K. Harithampan founded Poornasree Catering fifty years ago.

Born in 1937, Hari Thampan was the eldest son of Indumathi Thampatti of Vaikom Kannadi Kovilakam and Gopalan Embranthiri. He had two brothers, Kochappan Thampan and ShivadasanThampan. At the age of 17, Hari Thampan started his career in cooking at the Poornathrayeesan Temple Ootupura, under the guidance of Late Shri Neelakanda Iyer who was the chief cook of the Kochi Royal Family. Shri Neelakanda Iyer was one of those legendary cooks who could precisely predict the taste of prepared food just by its smell.

In the early 1970s, Hari Thampan's name was etched in the culinary annals of the region for introducing Palada Pradhaman and Pineapple Pachadi. The complete catering work of the 1977 Kerala Youth Festival was undertaken by Hari Thampan's Poornasree Catering.

At a time when there was neither cooking gas nor kitchen equipment, the entire food was cooked using wood fire and manual effort. This was the first time ever in the region that a caterer dared to take up the challenge of cooking for such a large number of people.

In the following years Hari Thampan's specialised catering services were commissioned by the State Government for various events including Kerala Youth Festivals. Hari Thampan carried on the same cooking style and traditions of Neelakanda Iyer. Many followers came to work and learn under Harithampan. At the age of 27, he married Bharathi of Kunnath Parambu and had three sons, the eldest Mohan Thampan followed by Sunil Thampan and Vinod Thampan. In the year 1981- 82, Harithampan established the Poornasree Kalyana Mandapam. At that time, whatever be the function, Poornasree Catering was the most sought-after caterer in the region. During the period 1985-86, Poornasree was cateringto 15 to 20 functions each day. In 1989, when Shri V.P. Singh was the Prime Minister of India, Poornasree Catering provided its services to 5000 delegates of the State Science Congress held at Chalakudy for seven days.

After Hari Thampan passed away in 1998, Poornasree Catering came to be managed by his three sons, who meticulously followtheir father'scooking style and tradition that had characterised Poornasree Catering's speciality and genius. Poornasree Catering has provided services to a few District Youth Festivals. In 2001, Poornasree Catering served three meals a day to 6000 people for three days for a programme conducted by the Kottayam Pentecostal Mission. In the year 2006-2008, Uthram Thirunal Sadhya of Poornathrayeesan temple was undertaken by Poornasree Catering for 40,000 people. In 2008, Poornasree Catering provided service for the marriage function of daughter of Nirapara Group of Companies owner, catering to 20,000 people, the biggest catering work at that time. Poornasree Catering takes immense care to deliver the same high quality of cooking all the time, with an emphasis on professionalism and personal touch.

Why Us

We at Poornasree Catering believe in turning your celebrations into memorable events with no glitch, prompt services and tasty satisfaction. For us cooking is more a service than a business. We greatly value our customer's satisfaction, which is of utmost importance to us, and we do not compromise on the quality of foodstuffs and in their preparation.